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Monitoring with statsd and CloudWatch

For organizations on AWS looking for a monitoring solution, CloudWatch is an attractive choice. EC2 instances and services come with built in CloudWatch monitoring, and via SNS alerts can be routed to email or text messages. I recently had the opportunity to set up a new monitoring system for a client that backed into CloudWatch. It provided an interesting challenge since the project called for monitoring both application and system metrics.

My goal was to route all monitoring information through the same medium and store it in the same backend. While it is possible to provide application monitoring via statsd but system monitoring through something like collectd, I felt like it would be a cleaner solution to send all data over statsd and store it all in CloudWatch.
statsd Developers really like working with statsd. It provides an easy, well supported way to write metrics out to a plugable backend. For example, the python pip module for statsd allows you to log metrics like this: