Nginx+Passenger Packages

At work I've been working on getting some new templates together for Ruby on Rails deployments. To make things easier, I spent some time putting together RPM and deb packages of the various pieces required for an Enterprise Ruby / Nginx / Passenger / Rails server.

Why did I roll my own packages? Although distros are providing Nginx packages currently, they're not including Passenger support in them. Unlike Apache (which supports dynamic modules), for performance reasons Nginx only supports adding in modules at compile time. Moreover, the Passenger gem compiles various binaries that are used by Nginx as the actual application server. For large cloud deployments I didn't like the idea of recompiling everything on boot, so I decided to make some packages instead.

Please note these are only beta quality, but they work for me. YMMV.

CentOS 5.4 Packages
Ruby Enterprise:
SQLite 3.7:

Debian/Ubuntu Packages
Ruby Enterprise: (Use the official .deb which installs into /usr/local)

One of these days I am going to write a Sysadmin's guide to Ruby and Ruby On Rails. It's different enough from the Java or LAMP ecosystems that it can take a little while to get up to speed-- as I've been learning for the past couple of weeks first hand :)


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