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Multi-version Internet Explorer testing

IETester is a free program which allows you to view Web sites with different versions of the IE rendering engine. Immensely useful if you have a Windows box available:
Of course, WINE has been able to do something similar for quite a while. The IEs 4 Linux bundle works well for Linux and even for MacOS X (with a little effort).
Microsoft has had a set of virtual disk images around for a while that also permit testing, but because it's a full virtual version of Windows, they expire regularly. Which means you have to keep downloading them. Over and over.

Keeping it simple with image rollovers, part 1

Recently a friend of mine was working on a Web page for a museum that contained a long list of items, with a simple image rollover for each one. There were some issues displaying the rollovers in Opera so I offered to take a look. Looking over the markup, I was reminded of why simple examples of things like rollovers that one might find on the Web usually don't scale well.

So, I'm providing here a technique that those who aren't fluent in JavaScript might find useful. It's assumed that the reader is familiar with the basics.

Using CSS For Simple Rollovers

(The examples below can be downloaded from

Let's take a look at how a simple image rollover-- an image that changes when the mouse moves over it-- works. First, I'm going to create a skeleton HTML file:

<title>Simple CSS Rollover</title>
<h1>Simple CSS Rollover</h1>
<div id="rollover">